Things to Consider, Frequent Questions and Tips


* It is a fitted shirt because of the material we use. The shirt pattern itself is not a fitted pattern. Double Brushed Poly is a very forgiving and flattering fabric. You can size up or down and never have it look boxy, baggy or sloppy.

* We suggest sizing up from your normal western cotton shirt size, if you have a longer torso or bigger bust.

* If you order a shirt with satin, cotton or anything without stretch to it on the trim section of the shirt it will not have any give through the shoulder area and you may want to size up. 


* How will it feel under jeans?

-- It is a thin material and is barely noticeable under jeans. It is lined in the crotch area and can be worn in place of panties if desired. No panty lines have been noticeable or buggy. They are a very comfortable shirt that you don't want to get out of the minute you are done competing. 

* Is it a leotard?

-- No it is not a LEOTARD!! You will not have to get naked to use the restroom. Undue the "flap" and pull to the side while it's in back and fasten a velcro to one of the front velcro to keep it up and out of the way. ( Pee water mishaps have for sure happened. HAHA)

* Does it show every fat roll? I'm too FAT for a shirt like that. ( Ok not a question but I hear it on the daily).

-- Depends on the design and color on the shirt just like any piece of clothing, If you know what looks good on your body type and what you are comfortable in then find those designs and colors. But in our opinion when you size up in regular western shirts to "hide" muffin tops and rolls you end up looking bigger. You can size up in our shirts and the material won't be as tight on the concerned areas. And you won't have the big baggy, boxy look like when wearing an oversized regular western shirt. 

It's been a great experience seeing women put their insecurities aside and try a KVB Rodeo shirt. They have been pleasantly surprised at how good they look and feel in them. They now go into the arena with a new found confidence. Because at the end of the day life is too short to worry about a fat roll or muffin top showing. Do what you want and wear what you want to make YOU happy. Just buy the damn shirt!


* If it feels tight or pulling through the button area, undue the faux button that connects the 2 pieces at the bottom of shirt and only keep velcro fastened.

* If your arms are shorter or you like to roll up your sleeves before a run, cuffs can do up in a french cuff to accommodate both. And if you arms are longer leave them down into the regular cuff. 

* If you have more junk in your trunk than normal you can fasten the velcro so the outside of the hook edges (velcro on the "flap") are on the inside of the hoop (velcro on the body side of shirt) edges. Allowing a little more give through the butt area. Or for a smaller bum pull opposite to make the "flap" tighter.

* You can keep your shirt on and undue the bodysuit portion. Just undue the "flap" and pull to the side while it's in back and fasten to one of the front velcro to keep it up and out of the way.