Broken Arrow

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Full DBP body with Broken Arrow Red Pendleton Wool 

-Full DBP on the body with oringial Pendelton Wool on trim. 
-Wool trim may fit slightly tighter (we couldn't tell any difference). It won't have any give through the shoulders. It is a heavy trim as it’s true Pendleton wool. And you will feel that in the fit. 
-The buttons are tight and will be tight when doing them up the first few times.

-Model is in a Medium and that's her normal size. 


When I first found out about Kingsville brand I was so excited about the concept. As a rodeo mom, I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had to tuck shirts in, I felt like it was all I did at rodeos, not to mention, fighting my young daughter to do so. Once we received our first Kingsville shirt there was no turning back, it’s the only shirts we will ever purchase now! It’s taken away the stress of ironing, tucking in, plus, they are cuter than any rodeo shirt on the market. My daughter also refuses to wear any other shirt due to how comfortable these shirts are, and, she can get all the cute, wild patterns she loves. Kingsville should be your go to for rodeo wear!

Shawnee Snow, UT

I'm a tall 5'11 girl and these shirts work for me! I love that they stay tucked in and I love the fabric! They lay smooth and comfortable

Jessica Sampson, UT

Kingsvilles Motto

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